We are not a POS and we are not a delivery service.  Our work is to connect your online orders of all delivery channels with your POS.

Also, Ordatic’s software allows you to download reports, obtain statistics and edit and create your menus. Say goodbye to having hundreds of tablets, use Ordatic.

POS means Point Of Sale.Is the software that you use to carry out your sales, stock control, etc. The dataphone where payments are made is not a POS. 😉

The first one is an economic cost. You no longer need a person to be in charge of entering orders manually at the POS.

The next is an opportunity cost. The waiter may be serving and therefore selling to customers instead of investing that time in delivery orders.

Finally, although a cost of space is very important. You will no longer need a device (tablet) for each delivery platform that you work with.

With small restaurants and large restaurant chains! If what you want is to make delivery in a simple way, we can help you!

We include:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast-Food chains
  • Dark Kitchens

On the first day, of each month we start counting the number of deliveries you have, at the end of the month we see the total and depending on the band you are in, you will pay one rate or another. Because it is not the same to have 100 than 1,000 orders! And we don’t expect you to guess how many you will make when you hire Ordatic.

It depends on public holidays and weekends, but usually on the 5th of each month.

No! If you want to stop working with us, although we doubt that this will happen, you will only have to notify us 15 days before the renewal of the monthly billing by email.

Absolutely yes! Our development team will provide you with all the documentation.


Work with Ordatic is very easy! Just fill our contact form and our sales team will contact you.

We will only need:

– Contact information

– Bank data

– Know which POS you work with

– Know which delivery platforms you work with


Later we will need your delivery menu, to load it in the program and that’s it!

It usually takes between one and two weeks.

We take care of integration. So, you are the one who has to hire delivery services for your restaurant. On our website, in the integrations tab, you can see all the companies with which we are integrated and their contacts.


Yes! By modifying them in Ordatic and synchronizing it with the delivery systems, the menus will be modified automatically. Easy!

Don’t worry, it is possible! Our Customer Success team will give you initial training and will be there whenever you need it to help you.

Do not panic! You can contact us 24/7, on the phone (+34) 960 992 535

Easy! You just have to send an email at least 15 days before the last day you want to use Ordatic, informing you that you want your service to be suspended.

Do you need more information?

Don't worry be happy!