Advantages for restaurants.

Savings in personnel costs.

Average savings of € 4600 per year.

Management from a platform.

Management of menus, sales statistics and reports in real time for decision making.

Additional income.

Possibility of adding additional deliveries.

Improves the restaurant's rating.

By avoiding errors and delays in the orders, the user values ​​the restaurant positively.

Advantages for delivery platforms.

Orders arrive directly to the kitchen automatically.

Once the order is accepted by the restaurant, the order is automatically entered into the POS.

Orders do not contain errors.

When the order is entered automatically, errors in the order entry are avoided.

Preparation and delivery times are reduced.

When the order entry process is automated, the times are reduced.

Improve the rating of the delivery platform.

By avoiding errors and delays in the orders, the user values ​​the delivery platform positively.

Ordatic software closes the gap between third-party platforms and POS systems, eliminating the need of typing manually the orders and managing everything from a single platform.

“We believe IT companies must manage the software”, allowing restaurant professionals to manage restaurants.