Advantages for the restaurant

Personnel Cost Savings

4600 £/year average savings.

Management from a single platform.

Management of menus, sales statistics and reports in real time for decision making.

Additional income

Possibility of adding additional deliveries.

Advantges for delivery platform

The order arrives directly to the kitchen.

Once the order has been accepted by the restaurant, the order is automatically entered into the POS.

Orders do not contain errors.

When the order is entered automatically, errors in entering the order are avoided.

Preparation and delivery times are reduced.

By automating the order entry process, times are reduced.


We are not a POS, nor a delivery service, our job is to connect the online orders of your restaurant with the POS, POS you use and the delivery services that you have integrated.

We also allow you to download reports, obtain statistics and edit and create your menus. Say goodbye to having hundreds of tablets, use Ordatic.


Ordatic will help you save a lot of personnel costs that enter your orders manually.

In addition you will not need a device for each platform, manage everything in an integrated way.


Whether you are a small restaurant or a large franchise, Ordatic can help you manage and automate your orders online.


Starting to work with us is very simple, contact us by filling out our questionnaire and test Ordatic, our team will help you throughout the process.


In Ordatic we have no limits or borders. Our mission is to help you automate and manage your online orders in virtually any part of the world.