integrate tpv for restaurants orda

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Integrar tpv para restaurantes
Integrar tpv para restaurantes
Integrar tpv para restaurantes
Integrar tpv para restaurantes

Third-party online order systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, greatly expanding the revenue potential for restaurants. But all too often they have “operational headaches,” when restaurant workers have the task of processing orders from these platforms and typing them into their own Point of Sale (POS) system.


Online order management

Manage online delivery orders through your POS. 

Integrar tpv para restaurantes

Menu management

Edit and customize your menus easily. 



Discover facts about each of your dishes and menus.



Save time

Up to 3 minutes by automating the receipt processing in the POS. 

Integrar tpv para restaurantes

Avoid errors

About 15% of orders entered manually contain some type of error.




Save costs

Your staff can focus on value-adding tasks instead of typing orders. 

Don’t worry, we help you digitize to your business.

We integrate your online delivery service using custom-developed software which allows connecting your POS and your online delivery channels.